Magnolia Magnifique

“Fireworks” is just that, and burst of colour depicting a variegated tulip. The dioxazine purple and deep cadmium yellow bounce off the pale lemon petals resulting in an explosion of colours across the petals of this variegated tulip.  The black blue stamins seem to ground the painting to the right hand bottom corner and point in the direction of the exploding colours.  The strong brush strokes also add to the emphasise of pyrotechnics.

'Fireworks'    SOLD

Variegated Tulip

Acrylic on Canvas


Original Medium    Acrylic
Art Styles    Abstraction
Season and a Tone    Spring, Warm Tone, Low Key
Colours    Pale Lemon, Yellow,  Purple
Descriptive words    Floral, Life, Nature
Is the Original still available for sale.    No
Original Artwork Details    Price $1500 sold  
Size in Centimetres (Width x Height): 460mm x 460mm unframed   620mm x 620mm framed
Substrate: Pure cotton canvas, acid free, kiln dried stretcher bars, clean edge 1/2inch depth staple free edge canvas
Media: Acrylic
Painting Style: Abstraction