Artist Statement

Our art reflects who we are. I cannot remember a time when flowers were not a part of my life and they are now significant to me in my autumn years. My grandmother once told me to "stop and smell the roses”. Now I take the time to not only smell the roses but to transfer their perfume to the canvas.

I capture those, “je ne sais quoi”, fleeting moments in time and the beauty of life through flowers. The colours within a blossom are often not what you expect until you take a true macro view. Exploring the different light aspects of a flower, not normally seen by the passing observer and transferring this to the canvas is my objective.

Bold colours and large blooms, inspire me. My art is about how to live life with a deeper appreciation of the world. I now focus on the importance of knowing how to be present in the moment; otherwise those moments will pass us by. To capture, in particular, the light within these fleeting seconds, inspires me to paint. My paintings allow me to share the beauty of nature and the empowering perfume that reminds us to live life well and to the fullest.

Cheryl Neroni

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